Sunday, 23 September 2018

Tax plans for Canada, in decline | National Post

Author: James Alexander Michie

The high tax plans in addition to the high deficit and low growth of Trudeau are worrying as they are falling, likewise, Canada's fiscal policy is in ruins and its fiscal situation is deteriorating.

In the 2015 election campaign, Canadians were promised a balanced budget, albeit with some tax changes that favor low-income people. In addition to this, the Liberals said they would have a short-term deficit to cover investments in infrastructure generating employment while also claiming that they would lose $ 3 billion by cutting the second tax bracket, in revenues between $ 45,283 and $ 90,563, of the 22 percent to 20.5 percent, and that they would also recover it completely by increasing the maximum rate. But only weeks after the government had only been installed, when the finance department sinisterly declared that this exchange would not be a neutral net income. 

However, during 2016, the first full year of the liberal tax changes, the second parental tax reduction appears to have lost $ 817 million and the total income from personal income tax decreased by $ 5 billion.

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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Predictions establish all 2025 as a new era | CBC News

Author: James Alexander Michie

According to reports it is predicted that in 2025, the machines will be responsible for doing more than half of the work, despite this, it has been said that more bacchants will be created for new jobs, but we will have to retrain people, he says. the World Economic Forum.

It is also understood that all tasks in the workplace in 2025 will be largely carried out by machines, according to a report by organizers of the economic forum in Davos which expresses the speed with which the labor market will change in the next years. According to the World Economic Forum, the machines could use up to 52 percent of the division of labor as a percentage of hours in approximately seven years, compared to the current 29 percent. By 2022, according to the report, approximately 75 million jobs will be lost worldwide, but that could be more than offset by the creation of 133 million new jobs.

Now a member of the board of directors of WEF, Saadia Zahihi expressed, "By 2025, most of the tasks in the workplace today will be done by machines or algorithms, at the same time, a greater number of new jobs, "he added." Our research suggests that neither companies nor governments have fully understood the size of this key challenge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution."

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Monday, 17 September 2018

Lifetime ban to enter the United States | THE STAR

Author: James Alexander Michie

Canadians with links to the nascent legal industry of marijuana, including venture capitalist Sam Znaimer and the executive director of a B.C. agricultural machinery company, they have already received bans on entry for life, which attracted comments with respect to other Canadians in addition to those who worked with respect to marijuana, but now it is confirmed as a Customs and Border Protection officer, Todd Owen said the United States does not plan to make a change regarding its border policies to account for the legalization of marijuana in Canada, which will go into effect on October 17.

Therefore it is known that those Canadians who legally smoke marijuana, work in the legal industry of marijuana and likewise invest in legal companies of Canadian marijuana, consequently will be banned for life to enter the United States.

The US official also expressed that Canadians will not be reviewed one by one to know their use regarding marijuana, unless at the time when officers are asking about something else and likewise bring them to that issue. I will start questioning them about the same thing or whether a smell comes from the car corresponding to it or if a dog detects marijuana residues.

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Maxime Bernier and his party | National Post

Author: James Alexander Michie

After generating headlines for several days, due to his controversial comments on social networks regarding immigration and diversity, MP Maxime Bernier leaves the Conservative Party (federal) to create his own political awning.

Bernier, who represents the constituency of Beauce, Quebec, in the Canadian parliament, made the announcement in Ottawa, while the conservatives hold their assembly in Halifax.

Bernier said "I realized during the last year that this party is corrupt, morally and intellectually, and requires reform," he added, "We will have many Canadians and that new party will win the next elections." Meanwhile, I also affirm, "Canadian policy has been hijacked by interest groups, cartels, pressure groups, international groups, corporate and union interests, and officials disconnected from ordinary citizens."

It is necessary to remember that Bernier was on the verge of becoming May of 2017 in the leader of the Conservative Party but it lost the general convention between accusations of fraud in front of the current leader of this formation, Andrew Scheer. After all the events that have occurred with Maxime Bernier, he has announced the creation of his new political force, called Partido Popular de Canadá, with populist overtones. During a press conference, Bernier expressed "Why this name? Because it is time for the government to give priority to Canadians when it makes its decisions and establishes its policies. It is time to return the power to the people "

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Friday, 14 September 2018

Investors and employees threatened with prohibition to enter the United States | CBC News

Author: James Alexander Michie

Investors and employees of Cannabis companies may be affected by a ban on entering the United States.

The United States will continue to apply regulations regarding travel with respect to the drug, which will likewise remain a banned substance at the federal level, although many states have legalized it, therefore a US Customs and Border Protection official that not only do users of the drug run the risk of being prohibited from entering EE. UU but also those people who work and invest in companies could be affected.

Also, the politician Todd Owen belonging to the United States said "If you work for the industry, that is a reason for inadmissibility", coupled with this expressed that cannabis investors from other countries had already been denied entry to that nation. I also add "Facilitating the proliferation of the legal industry of marijuana in the US states where it is considered legal or Canada may affect the eligibility of an individual to the US."

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The story of Robin Lehner | The Athletic

Author: James Alexander Michie

Robin Lehner, an NHL veteran goalkeeper, is 27 years old and signed a contract with the New York Islanders in July. The same was expressed in terms of his addiction and his bipolar diagnosis, which ensures that at one point he could not stand being alone in his brain.

The Islanders goalkeeper talks about one of his experiences during a meeting on the ice, in which the minutes every time passed slower and his physical and mental health were not at their best, for a moment he thought that only he was exhausted but despite this he could continue on the ice rink and did so, but he had a constant pain in his chest that as the score went by, Lehner felt worse as the pain intensified more and more making everything it became blurry for him and likewise he lost focus, leaving as a consequence that he would panic in fact the player says that he broke up and in an instant he thought he was suffering a heart attack but did not really know what was happening to him.

After that his doctors and coaches managed to calm him down and likewise he was sent home, Lehner did not go to the hospital because he did not want the media as much as other people to find out about it, during his move home everything in him hurt, both physically and mentally, but the player stopped on the road to do what he says would be the only thing common for him, to drink, which was the same thing he did when he got home, but in the middle of the night he woke up his wife to say those words which he had never said for lack of courage, "I have to go away".

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Inefficiency in the Toronto Council | Toronto Sun

Author: James Alexander Michie

The Council of Toronto is stagnant and as a result, the city has been paralyzed by so much inefficiency, in fact, the debates that take place in the same Council are maintained for long days and without any result since decisions are never taken with the various problems.

In an article in which the Prime Minister of Ontario, Doug Ford, expresses his dissatisfaction with the Council of Toronto and likewise says that the Council itself is completely dysfunctional and the task of ending the impasse is transformed as a priority. presents the same.

Ford has said, "I was elected to that change, reducing the size and cost of government and getting transit, housing and infrastructure built." And 2.3 million Ontario voters agreed with our plan, "he added" Getting those shovels in the ground will require more than just fancy speeches. It will require a partner at City Hall that is actually able to back up with actual action. "

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