Monday, 21 January 2019

VC investments in cybersecurity have reached another level

VC’s investments in cybersecurity have reached record highs in 2018. However, the financing rate seems unsustainable, according to Strategic Cyber Ventures.

It should be noted that during the past year, investors continued to invest money in the US cybersecurity market. UU., As well as in several other countries, especially the United Kingdom, China, and Israel.

Now, there are new data from Strategic Cyber Ventures where it is revealed that venture capital investments and the average size of agreements involving cybersecurity companies reached record levels during 2018.

Venture capital in 2018

Rex Murphy: Spare us the yoga-mat mantras about the environment and the economy

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks about the Liberal government's new federally imposed carbon tax, while Environment Minister Catherine McKenna and Finance Minister Bill Morneau listen from behind him, at Humber College in Toronto on Oct. 23, 2018. Nathan Denette/CP
There are many things that could be saved for Canada, as well as yoga-mat mantras about the environment and the economy. And is that increasingly the simplistic slogans of the liberals are fueling a radical campaign. To top it all it has cost Canada billions of dollars and tens of thousands of jobs

The same words of Catherine McKenna

Friday, 18 January 2019

The Trade War is already taking its toll

It is no secret to anyone that for some time now, there has been a commercial war between the United States and China. And it has already begun to take its toll, where everyone involved with these nations has been affected.

But now directly China is already in a crisis. In fact, it has been said that if the second largest economy resolves the current slowdown, it will remain mired in a debt-driven depression.

This is causing severe concern in the world’s investors. Being that they are now directing their worried gaze towards China. And with all reason, being that the economic growth in the third quarter sank to 6.5 percent. This is established as the slowest pace from the depths of the global financial crisis in 2009.

Facts that affirm the crisis in China

Thursday, 17 January 2019

New Year's resolutions considering the environment

(Rich Carey/Shutterstock)

In the New Year, for many people, there is an opportunity to modify the routine, or even to review it completely. Some do it in a very personal way while others take into account everyone, in fact, take into account the environment.

This should be done by more people. And that is how many people consider improving in various aspects as well as work, love, among others. The environment should also be taken into account, which of course we all inhabit and is of great importance. There are those who want to preserve it and maintain it in the best way. Therefore, here are some suggestions.

Suggestions that we should all take

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

The Big Picture: Coal consumption around the world

Taking into account the overall picture of coal today, it could be said that some nations have fallen significantly. While in others it still persists.

In the case of the United States, its president, Donald Trump, has promised the return of “clean and beautiful coal.” However, we must not forget that it is EE. UU The consumption of coal, a dirty fossil fuel, is at a minimum of 40 years. This could be due to the use of cheaper energy sources. And is that Western countries, in general, have seen a significant fall in the use of coal. However, this has not been the case of large developing nations such as China and India.

Responsible for environmental damage

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Floating solar panels: Pretty to look at and so much more

A solar panel or solar module is a device that captures the energy of solar radiation for its use. The term includes solar collectors, usually used to produce domestic hot water by solar thermal energy, and photovoltaic panels used to generate electricity using photovoltaic solar energy.

It should be noted that when creating a large-scale solar farm, several problems can arise. One of them is finding a place to place all the panels. Being that said place must have access to the sun, for which the most convenient for it would be those spaces that are open. However, the land is not economic at all, except for a few small exceptions.

A much cheaper solution

Monday, 14 January 2019

China's electric car push is shaking up the oil industry

(Gregor Macdonald)
For some 2018 was a crucial year in the global transition to cleaner energy, as well as for Gregor Macdonald, who is an American journalist. Macdonald has a new e-book, Oil Fall, in which he talks about how changes in China are having an impact on the oil industry.

And it is considered that China’s electric car is shaking the oil industry. In fact, in the Chinese vehicle market, sales of electric vehicles increased, despite a drop in overall vehicle sales. This was in mid-2018 when he anticipated that this might not happen until the middle of 2020. The growth prospects for internal combustion engines have ended in China.

It needs to be said that over time, China has had a history of being able to maximize and increase the size and accelerate changes in its economy and infrastructure. This based on policies. While for its part, the United States does not have that kind of ability to do that.

Forecasts for demand growth