Thursday, 2 March 2017

Kevin O'Leary Plans to Win Canadian Youth Over En Route to Nomination Victory

Kevin O'Leary plans to follow in the footsteps of Donald Trump. Well, some of those footsteps, that is.

Like Trump, he plans to leverage his celebrity and prominence as television personality in connecting with a core demographic and attracting voting base as he challenges for leadership of Canada's Conservative party.

O'Leary intends to win both the nomination and the general election by winning the youth vote. He plans to target 18-35 year-olds. Attracting this demographic and turning them into evangelists of his message is a signature part of his strategy. And, O'Leary believes no one else can challenge him in this demographic.

Speaking with the Toronto Sun, he said: “There’s no other candidate that connects with the young with the way I can. They grew up with me; I’ve been on television forever.”

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