Tuesday, 10 January 2017

You Can Make It Happen: Cameron Wake is Proof

If the vision is big enough and the desire continues to be fed, great things can be accomplished. Cameron Wake is living proof of this. Wake serves as a great reminder of the power of intention and relentless pursuit (excuse the pun).

This passage from a recent feature article on Wake tells you everything you need to know:

Few people in NFL history have been knocked down as much as Wake was before he even had a foothold in the league. Long ago, the so-called experts determined he didn’t belong. Yet, here he still is, a perennial Pro Bowler showing the doubters what it truly means to be undefeated. Wake has been an inspiration to his team because of how hard he worked to establish himself as an NFL baller, and the determination he showed in making it all the way back after suffering a serious injury, one that has either ended or irreparably damaged the careers of many cats much younger than him. Wake simply keeps on going.

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