Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Youth Hockey: There is More Than One Way to Pursue Your Dreams

Image credit: Kasey Eriksen via Flickr Creative Commons

It's a misnomer that Major Junior hockey is the way to make it to the NHL. Too often is the thinking in youth hockey that a player must follow that path in order to achieve their dreams.

The fact is that more often than not, players don't reach the NHL, even if they play Major Junior. So, their dreams may have to expand and morph. That's the beautiful opportunity presented by Junior A hockey.

Players who compete in Junior A, instead of Major Junior are eligible to play collegiate hockey, as they do not receive any stipend for their play -- a difference from Major Junior. Therefore, players who follow this alternate path toward their hockey dreams are also carving out another future along the way. If hockey doesn't work out, they'll have a university education they can fall back on.

And, as a recent article in the Globe and Mail points out, Junior A is fast becoming a strong pipeline of NHL talent.

Let me be clear, I'm not arguing against Major Junior hockey. It is an amazing league. I'm simply stating there are multiple avenues to pursuing your NHL dream--each offering different opportunities.

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